People i Want to Greet

Tim Robinson author of the Mobius OS which has been one of my inspiration sources for the IO subsystem of Clicker and who kindly agreed that i reused his work as a starting point (mainly visible in the ATA disk driver and bus scanner so far :)
Solar and Devl leaders of the Project for a Perfect Operating System, whose viewpoint has been more than valuable in evaluating '3rd generation' ideas and who always have AmigaOS quotes against silly ideas :)
Whyme_t who is currently exploring the arcane of C++ kernel programming. He proved of very valuable help for testing the COFF/Djgpp environment since my complete switch to Linux as the Clicker development platform and is the first contributor to the source code so far.
BeyondInfinity who is currently working on BlueIllusion OS (iirc) and agreed for a port of his work on VBE/V86 for Clicker (even if i haven't got the time to do the port so far ;)
df maintainer of the WikiFaq on Operating Systems Development and the well-known OSdev forum where i met most of the guys above ...

Clicker Development Team

Hey guys, the team is growing up! To see informations member put about themselves or to add informations about yourself use the "Who are you" thread on our forums.
Pype That's me. I'm the current project leader and the writer of the microKernel. Let's say it's quite a huge task and now, i've began to work, so i only can start Clicker at 7pm every day ... i'll be happy to share my tasks asap ;-) My main task for now is to translate all the docs to english and coordinate the other members' tasks, but i'll be happy to work on KDS 2.0 asap.
Nowan nowan (aka Mind) is one of the oldest developers. He was mainly active on the old 16 bits version of Clicker (never released) but he contacted me back recently and is interrested in File System support and TCP/IP. Seems he'll start the File System development in a very near future.
KRIS Kris was mainly active on the DISK system and COMPRESSOR techniques. He also "supervised" my design-work so that i do not take too bad choices. Unfortunately, he's very busy between his studies (graduating this year) and his student job (kind of webmaster)
Roland He's our deZigner. Hope he'll do a great job, for the Website first and for the GUI (as soon as we have a display driver, a mouse driver and a GUI :)
Cyril a.k.a. muad'dib, has help me in some strategic choices and system review from a couple of monthes. Now, he's officially member of the Clicker DevTeam as consultant ...
you if you'd like to join ;-)

Hey, members of the team, if you have some HomePage describing yourself better than the very few i've learned through e-mails, just let me know! I'll be pleased to link to your home page from here

How to get involved

First of all, keep in mind that this is a hobby (so far). I can't guarantee any delay and - as you can guess - i can't offer any payment.

This being said, you can help on many aspect, the easiest being testing the work under progress (prefer releases to CVS because the CVS isn't very stable so far ...). Post your feedbacks on the forums
If you're an experienced programmer and have a good background on operating system, you can join the developers team (see below) and start working on the kernel.
Please, do not think i have anything wrong with people that aren't experienced, but i think they're likely to feel lost in the kernel's source... but i would be pleased to get the proof of the contrary

If you're comfortable with programming (and especially in C/C++), you can pick virtually any system component and start coding with it. We need device drivers, we need video interface, CDROM, floppy, mouse, filesystems, etc. If you're willing to learn hardware programming, why not using Clicker as a operating base for your investigations and share your results ?

If you feel so, you can also get a look at our design work and make your voice heard. Good ideas worth nothing if kept locked (imho), so by sharing my ideas, i hope to get better ideas later and give the ideas i would have rejected by lack of time being tried by s.o. else

Fyi, i'm based in Belgium (Europe), so my availability time (on ICQ or by mail) is more likely to sound interresting for other Europeans than other people worldwide, but everybody is welcome ;)

How to join the team ?

Just get an account on sourceforge , an e-mail address and some useful skills. Mail the whole to Pype, specifying what kind of task you're interrested in. Then, you'll need to wait for me to connect the Internet, read my mails ...

It should be nice too to send a mail if you plan to use clicker (or one of it's parts): it's always funny to see where your children ends up. With the time, it's likely that sub-projects like GUI server, filesystems, shells, etc. for Clicker will start their own pages.

Old members

They didn't replied to any mail from monthes, so i guess they're no more interrested to the project or have no more access to Internet. Anyway, as i can't contact them anymore, i can't expect any help from them ... However, i'd like to thanks those of them which have actually help, either by sharing point of views or just reporting bugs, etc.

M.S. sridhar, Kalimuthu Pothi, Girish Nair, Ognen Duzlevski, Rahul Khanna, Paul Kimberley, Kuldeep prakash, saikiran .G.S.S.R, Rajeev Srinivasa Murthy and Theo Ireton

On 31.08.03, i've decided to flush these account from the SourceForge project, as i'm waiting for the first line of code of you, guys, since 'bout 2 years now ... and most of the tasks you were assigned are now completed :'( Time for fresh things. If you see yourself listed as a ghost member, please send a mail to pype to tell whether you want to be re-integrated or if you want to leave. And please try to register with a long-living address (correct me if i'm wrong, but hotmail ones were reputed to be automatically destroyed after inactivity period of a few monthes), and try to notify me of e-mail address changes.
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