Links, etc.

Okay, so here's the mainpage for the Clicker32 Project. The Project overview from geocities hosted HomePage of PPP Team may be browsed with the left-hand menubar (should be there on any frame-aware browser).

The project is now hosted by SourceForge and might be moved here.

Some useful (?) links:
  • for releases, bugs supports, forums, etc.
  • Dj Delorie Software might be useful for downloading DJGPP (a set of GNU tools ported to DOS, necessary in order to compile the C part of Clicker).
  • nasm , a netwide assembler project, must be present on your system to assemble the ASM part of the KERNEL.

    WARNING: i changed the link because version 0.98 had a bug, but i haven't tried the new 0.98.08 version already... NASM 0.98 had a bug that makes it loop endlessly while compiling Clicker. Submitted a patch long time ago, apply it if you still use that version

    Huge thanks to Girish to have noticed this problem :)

    A pre-patched binary version of NASM 0.98 (Pype) that won't hang on DOS; Don't forget to test it against viruses, though

  • BOS and Clicker might share some concepts or drivers, in the future, even if now, they are completely separated project. Wait and See...
  • Os Development, a website every os-designer should browse and bookmark!
  • A great document about what are threads and how they're used from Andrew Tanenbaum (Minix's creator) here . That's extracted from the book i've read while designing Clicker. You'll find clear explainations of what is a thread, how to implement them, etc.
  • The Uniform Driver Interface projects seems to be very promising. We will try to start an evaluation of whether Clicker could provide an UDI environment for quick reuse of device drivers from other operating systems. (This seems a far better approach than simulating a Linux environment, anyway ;)
  • Operating Systems Development messages board. Have a lot of topics, q&a, etc. from people coding their own OSes (but quite much newbies, though :)
  • OS tutorials by the Möbius project. Have some interresting views on device drivers framework and memory management.
  • Bona Fide Tutorials & docs. Some of their papers seems to be identical to the moebius ones, though ...
  • Pro-POS project is another "friend" project that is still at early design stages. As Clicker is slowly moving to higher levels and that they're still discussing lot of things at this level before going down to implementation, it leads to very interresting brainstormings in their forums ...
  • The Clicker OS project should be released following the Gnu Public License . For now, mainly binary release should be tested, while the sources CVS is not available. Moreover, some private tools (like TLINK) are still needed and the compilation environment is still hard to configure (diving into makefiles required!)

    Some sources-releases are available though, but i won't provide any support for those who can't compile, understand or read'm (most comments in french ;)

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