Draft Ideas

This page will collect all proposals that haven't been coded yet (papers giving ideas about possible implementations rather than explaining current implementation)

  • A first try on files Seems to talk at least as much about KDSv2.0 as about files, though ...
  • More about files : here comes some informations about what could be the Intelligent File System, turning your HDD into a multimedia object-oriented database
  • IFS layered design waiting for your comments



  • incoming raw ideas about user interface design, and other general feelings got while using Win9x & Linux interface 5 years long. Maybe most of them will already be present in MS-WINXP - truly hope so for WINxp users :)
  • ha haaaa .. missed, mister gates, your winXp is not yet what i call "next generation". Give a look at our search pannel instead...
  • a few guidelines for the next-generation Graphics Under Y-window server.
  • I'm currently investigating on document-management system that can efficiently retrieve documents based on keywords, collect comments and meta-data about documents and further deduce/store relationship between documents to offer a better working environment to the end-user. A proof-of-concept implementation is currently under high development internally for Perl/Linux workstations. You can get a sneak peek at the visual aspect it has so far: the so-called 'Meta-Workbench', prepreprealpha stage.

  • techs
  • general ideas about IPC design is about how we will make process communicate on a machine
  • KErnel Dynamix System is the initial paper about kernel modules interconnexions
  • the Data eXchange Infrastructure : a new way exchanging datas between applications or between applications and user without bothering about user interfaces -- will probably be the key to the Future Shell implementation ...
  • Servers model proposal: a generic model (i.e. GuideLines) for implementation of file system, GUI, network stack and other servers... Should be completed with Paul B. proposals on device drivers soon.

  • How to submit your own ideas ??

    The very first place where you can post your ideas is the brainstorming thread, mainly recommended for small proposals.

    If you have more structured document (please html and postscript/pdf only: no Word .DOC or other non-universal/virus-prone formats, thanks :), try to put it online first and then submit a summary on the ideas forum .

    If you have no web hosting and are a member of Sourceforge group, you can try to upload your file on clicker.sourceforge.net using scp or secure iXplorer, and then give it the proper rights (using ssh or PuTTy) so that it becomes readable for the group (chmod g+r filename). Once this is done, send an e-mail to the webmaster including the whole path of your document on sourceforge, so that i can copy it on the website directory. Your document will remain unmodified except the addition of a link to a "request-for-comments" forum for your idea.

    We reserve ourselves the right to refuse submitted documents we found aggressive or irrelevant or that are not 'ideas'.