Index of Technical papers (t-cups)

Clicker-specific papers

title description file
Asynchronous Server Support how to create modules whose server will run in a separate thread with reduced code to write (automatized thread/message construxion) #001
Scheduler Hot-Swapping summarize a demo-test i've made to proove the services swapping of KDS: you can replace the system's scheduler while the system is running! A totally unique feature (hope so, at least ;) #002
Process Manager explains the role of that system thread and how to extend its abilities by plugging in new handlers #003
Address Space explains how new address space are created, which are the caveats of this operations and which components are involved. #004
Resources Present the way we implement system calls in Clicker. #005
KMOD file format Gives an overview of the modules file format for Clicker. (still missing the 'relocations' part, though) #006
Alternative VIS An Alternative Approach to a 3rd Generation Virtual Interaction System - Stain #007

Microkernel reference

Role of the memory map Explain how physical memory allocation is performed in kernel 0.8.0+ (still under construction) #2.01

Hardware overviews
title description file
Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) Information about the PCI standards and devices framework by S.Rajeev dev.001
Disk Programming a tutorial about disk driver programming in the Clicker environment (and possibly other environments), targetted at LBA ATA devices. dev.002