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rwshare.h File Reference

#include <koLib/share.h>

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#define kAccessRead(x)   if (x) (x)->_class->readProlog(x)
#define kReleaseRead(x)   if (x) (x)->_class->readEpilog(x)
#define kAccessWrite(x)   if (x) (x)->_class->writeProlog(x)
#define kReleaseWrite(x)   if (x) (x)->_class->writeEpilog(x)
#define krwInit(x)   rwsInit(x)


typedef rwStatus kRWshare


void rwsInit (struct rwStatus *rws)
 initializes the access sharing of an object

Define Documentation

#define kAccessRead      if (x) (x)->_class->readProlog(x)

#define kAccessWrite      if (x) (x)->_class->writeProlog(x)

#define kReleaseRead      if (x) (x)->_class->readEpilog(x)

#define kReleaseWrite      if (x) (x)->_class->writeEpilog(x)

#define krwInit      rwsInit(x)

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct rwStatus kRWshare

Function Documentation

void rwsInit struct rwStatus   rws

initializes the access sharing of an object

note that we can't use "log" here because LOG uses reader/writers to performs its inline kdsInvoque :) Also note that you shouldn't use an uninitialised sharer !!

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