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about CAKEs

You'll notice papers of the Clicker Documentation project have quite funny names: CAKEs, T-CUPs ... Initially, i've invented the "tea cup", stands for "Technical - Clicker Useful Paper". It doesn't means lot except it's a techincal paper about Clicker. As its names says, tcups are quite small documents (2-3 pages max) about one precise technique in the kernel. Small enoug to be readable 'having a cup of tea' (because i'm not really a coffee-lover ;)

Then, i searched for a name that would be given to longer text that covers wider subject - mainly explaining the general structure of a subsystem - and that might need several "tea-cup" to be "digested". I found "CAKE" was great. It stands for "Clicker : Architecture of Kernel Explained". I suppose papers about oo interface will name "Clicker: Object-Oriented Kernel Interface Entry" or some other "COOKIE".

So here we are. Enjoy your meal ;)

Generic-topics CAKEs

  • What's inside Clicker kernel ?
  • Clicker Installation
  • Clicker Coding Style
  • Clicker boot sequence
  • Clicker Directory Tree
  • How to debug Clicker ?
  • Memory System

  • general overview (nyf)
  • PAGER-II extension
  • Memory objects concepts and programming
  • Modules related CAKEs

  • an overview of Kernel Dynamix System
  • slang language manual (postscript)
  • a small tutorial giving you a quick overview of what is to be known before coding a module for Clicker microkernel.
  • Multitasking-related cakes

  • Clicker threads programming

  • Under Cooking ...

  • events processing engine