Getting Started

Well, to get started, you'll first need to get a SourceForge account so that i can add you in the teamers list and install the development kit on your machine (if you don't have it already, see installation notes).

You're now ready to code. Watch the todo queue and the tasks list to know what we actually need, or submit a mission statement about something you want to work on in the forums.

Consider keeping an eye on online documentation (doxygen-generated). And watch out if you're modifying files from Windows environment: djgpp don't really loves the way MSVC6 handles short file names (converting them in long names %-@ ). I personnaly recommend emacs, borland TurboC editor or rhide for sourcefiles & makefiles edition

Guidelines for code-writing are available here.

We don't have a CVS support already (mainly because i don't know how to make a CVS already), so a small webpage called 'workspace' is available for files swapping at . To put files on it, i suggest you log on sourceforge (ssh ) and create a link from your personnal account to the worspace (ln -s /home/groups/c/cl/clicker/htdocs/wspace). you'll then be able to publish modified files by using scp <files>
(if you have many files, please consider archiving them first).

I will replace the "static" index.html by some cgi-bin automated display a.s.a.p.

May the Source be with You


ps: i've assumed a Linux environment here ... if you're working under Windows, you can use PuTTY instead of ssh and secure iXplorer instead of scp... Those features will only get available when you'll be added as a team member, so don't forget to send me your sourceforge username first ;)